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I'd like to respond to you Allronix, but my post might just be too big, but your argument is noted. There are some disagreements, but I believe these primarily fundamental and that we will never see eye to eye. As far as
bigwig tycoons? I think they ought to be held accountable. AS WELL AS GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS. Kick out of office? Sure. So would I, Allronix. However, career politicians are all dancing around in their special interest groups. Kick one out, another takes his/her place. You can't tell me *that* doesn't happen. As far as bigwigs I should get this out: Curious that Obama's cabinet has Franklin Rains, the former CEO of Freddie Mack on it...
Rahm Emanuel? Wasn't he on the advisor board of Fannie Mae from 2000 to 2002?

I don't trust either entity Corporation or Government.

What I'd like to get on the table:
I'd like a straight answer as to how MORE government will INCREASE freedoms??? I don't care what anyone says, the reality always works out that THE people are left holding the bag. MY big questions are
1) WHERE is accountability? (for BOTH government AND corporations)
2) WHY are we not enforcing laws already on the books? --Now we want MORE laws? How many times have we amended, appended, added to, taken away from, altered, or otherwise screwed with our constitution and made contradictory laws?

Anyway while controls like max wage cap may sound great in this age of "class jealousy" (After all isn't a couple billion enough???), BUT, consider how it could DRASTICALLY backfire. It is NOT the solution.
There *has* to be a better way than a maximum wage cap, because there is no real way (other than ethical behavior and integrity), to tell if that money will even GO to the little people. These things are decided arbitrarily and are not transparent. Arbitrary parties like power all their own. If I have learned one thing about power, it is (you guessed it) M$NEY. Oh sure thare is power of election and trust from the people...but life doesn't work that way. Sadly you all know that saying: Money talks and (something that stinks) walks. Regardless of whatever system we have.

Worse is that, were there to be a cap put on wages, it may go for the rich FIRST...but that does NOT mean that the wealthy will be the LAST to be capped off. Guess whose next? And guess whose next after that?
There's already trouble with earnings which is bad enough. If it is law there'll be no incentive to work hard whatsoever.

You could put all these arbiter sharks and regulations on it, but, if the governing body is corrupt, it could just become selective and decide what is best is whatever makes it more powerful.

Whatever your thoughts, Just look at Hugo Chavez on how WRONG this could get to be. Whatever you are for, just remember that THIS is something you need to keep an eye on. I'm talking more about not ceding our responsibilities to government so we keep our power? Consider this a responsibility.

The greedy have been irresponsible. Instead of enacting laws, why not build our case at large-on all fronts?

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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