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"""""I ask this because, it ultimately if you think life is pointless then why bother working?"""""

No point? As I suspect you missed it entirely.

WHY do I suffer? So I can be happy. It is not possible to be happy with a sterile life, free from hardships.

"""""If we are nothing but a genetic blip in the cosmic drama of the universe that is extinguished quickly why work hard?"""""

What if I said you were nothing more than property and had no conscience, no soul, no spirit? That you were just my tool? And I decreed you have no right to speak?
You'd be offended; I just denied you something fundamentally yours.

When I hear you say something like that, it makes my blood boil. For a moment I even considered dicing you with my katana. However, I'm not a murderer... But the contempt. Such utter contempt!
I doubt you could understand, johnathan7. There is no way I can make a short explanation of this. To deny me my usefulness, to relegate me like some tool...god-damn it. You make the hairs on my neck stand.

The reasons I am a free marketeer--and I am so adamant about MERIT in capitalism...... Success is something you YOURSELF define. Climbing to the top of some heap may be somebody else's idea for success, but YOU may ultimately wind up VERY unhappy. It is easy to get lost. So you must center yourself.

It is okay to earn as much as you can ON MERIT. At some point, though, you need to be responsible for others. To provide in a mutual relationship. Make a true family-not just flesh and blood. To watch out for others. Like family. Not coddle them--you hold them to their word, and they you.

Caring for the heards amongst you. "Your troops respect you only if you are a man amongst them," as Miyamoto Musashi once said.

A government doesn't do that--it's impersonal. You are a number as far as it cares. I resent the government who would take away a system that rewards incentive, self sustaining, initiative, work ethic. That breaks families. Limiting what I can rightfully earn--yet some slug can get away with a living without working? That's as bad as the fascist.

I resent the greedy pigs who make a bad name for free marketeering and capitalism by getting fat while making everyone else work for them. Cheating and monopolizing. Spoiling themselves. They earned it? Perhaps--but they are also irresponsible. Keeping it all to themselves. They make everyone else that earned something look like tyrants. Similar are the lazy pigs at the wellfare trough.

If I got it of ill doing...I have to get RID of it. If I get things or status and I did not EARN it, then I have this empty feeling I cannot shake. I care for the ACCOMPLISHMENT.

If it is shared or a gift I cherish it, but I admire the thought.
If it is a need, you must earn it.

If it is a want beyond your needs, you must earn it. You can only keep so many before it affects your life negatively, though. Choose wisely.

I guess the reason I put myself through such torture for work is to keep perspective. Life wasn't meant to be comfortable. Manual labor is back breaking filthy work, but it's honest. I can relax at the end of the day and not dwell about my hardship. I face it down as it comes. I beat it back.
Maybe I just don't see thigns the same as most. I guess I reacted differently: I grew up and I realized not everyone even has food to eat. However I saw others who get a wellfare check and all they do is watch ESPN all day. That pisses me off. I use it as motivation.

There is much to be said about *achieving* something. Building something. Making things happen. Unless you have done something like it--to do something over a LONG TERM. To pour hours of blood and sweat and tears and FRUSTRATION into something--you don't know exactly what the feeling is like. To pour your LIFE into something and finally achieve it: Victory.

Actually this is a perfect opportunity to tell you about MY OLD car. I learned the hard way walking and biking all around town for years before I ever got a car. This wasn't hard. But I had no real requirements either.

Alas, I had to learn to drive. I grew up. I got a car. Took it for granted. It broke down at the worst possible time.

The car had a problem with a carburaetor. A 1985 honda accord. I wasn't exactly the most technically incline with respect to engines--still not. It was going to cost almost $2,000 to replace or work on it. Nobody wanted to work on it either. I didn't have money. I decided I at least have to try something else--there was NO way I was going to continue to make it by hoofing or renting cars for very long. But I didn't give up or give in. You should NEVER feel sorry for yourself.
What did I do about the car? I fixed it MYSELF. After work and after long transit. I had a resourceful uncle with a few tools and lots of parts. But he didn't do the work, *I* did. It was dirty, confusing, complex. It took me a few weeks. I had to map out all the schematics for the vacuum lines. It was tedious. Bending, torquing, pulling, pushing. I spent hours after work and transit, failure after failure, pain and fatigue, because I realistically had no other choice.

I succeded. The feeling of the victory was unlike anything I ever had before. Able to drive what should have become scrap for 3 weeks. I gave it another 8 months to live. She died on me for the last time and I was crushed.

I guess you have never poured painstaking hours of your life into something. Then find later you can't breathe any more of your life back into it. So you could never understand the thrill of accomplishment.

I know it seems foolish to you: I bought another car by now--so what's the big deal???

The big deal: you never treasure something until you have poured some of your life into it only so it might last a little heile longer. You never know the loss you endure until your own work and toil dies on you. Frankly I am ready to do it again, and again if I must for my current car. The next. My home. Most things I have.

This is why America is what it is.
Work ethic is not something you just 'have' or get. It is YOU.

Ever wonder why grandpa got so upset at having to move from that little old house he built so long ago?
Ever wonder why people act like family has died when something of theirs is destroyed--namely something they built?
Ever wonder why someone gets depressed about having to go into retirement?

You might *know* why...but you have never truly *understood* it until you have ACHIEVED it.
The spirit of the working class.

Destined now to be at the leash of government.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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