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ooh i like this kind of discussions
there is no proof of a god nor jezus, though it is very likely that there was a man called jezus, there is no single bit of proof that he was actually the son of god, it could have been a psycho escaped from a asylum (i bet the romans already had those) and a bunch of lunatics followed him now... this is just what i believe, i do respect other people's faith... but i do have a opinion.
now, i know i can hurt some souls with this...(when i told 1 of my classmates he cried) but i personally think christianity (and especiallt catholic) faith were only used to have a certain kind of power that would even get the people rise against their king.
now... though there is no single proof... what if there was a god? or a jezus?
god would be (sorry for my use of words) a gigantic jackass... making mankind suffer for ages just because some dumb women eat an freaking apple? and if he would exist... he would be the creator of about everything... like hate, which got us to have wars, this all sounds very unlikely.

now... those were my 2 cents, believe what you want, but i stay athe´st
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