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I believe I found a new game secret!!!! read!

I was just messing around in the game, and started a new game, going through the prologue. I got the other droid on the ship to be in my party, then used a warp code to teleport myself to the administration area in the mining facility. first it showed T3 in the kolto tank. once the cut scene was over, I talked to the other droid. tons of options started popping up. like for instance, "give me the code to access the console without talking to atton first." and "pretend I already went to the dormitory section." or something like that. basically, it looked like it was a very easy and fast way to move about peragus (or however you spell that) without doing everything you had to. It must've been something the creators used or something. I haven't looked into it yet, but feel free to go check it out yourself!
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