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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Someone needs to read the KOTOR Campaign Guide, or at least stop listening to ridiculous fanon theories.
And someone needs to double check information from the writer of the game:

"He was created when Malachor V was torn apart, and he was intended as the Exile’s other half, one that took a more self-destructive path rather than denying the Force during that battle that ended the Mandalorian Wars.

As much as Nihilus embraced the Dark Side’s Force talent of consuming force sensitives (and other life, such as the mass Mandalorian slaughter), the Exile took the higher ground and cut himself off from the pull of such power. As powerful as Nihilus’ ability is in the short term, the drawback is that it robs the user of almost identity but hunger, which is why is never employed by the Sith Lords of old... who had no wish to sublimate their identities for any reason."

-Chris Avellone, the lead writer of TSL.

The game was incomplete. The story was never fully told, because Obsidian was forced to release it waaay before its time. It is never explicitly stated in the game, but there are hints. Such as them both being wounds, Nihilus hurting itself by trying to drain her, etc.

But if you don't want to believe me, that is fine. In Canon, its not official. I, personally, will be taking the writers intended message of an incomplete game over a book stating only the information that was able to get in.

And this, on the whole, is still irrelevant because Revan -still- could not win in a battle between them.
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