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Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
Right, my mistake. Julius Caesar and William Shakespear.
That's fine, but you're still not telling me what it is that you want to know?

Do I think that they were actual historical figures?

For Julius Caesar, I would say yes. We have multiple, verifiable pieces of evidence that lend themselves towards his actual existence.

As for Shakespeare, well, we know that someone wrote under that name. Whether someone by that name existed or whether "William Shakespeare" was the pen-name used by someone that wrote the works we associate with that author seems to be of little significance to me.

But we aren't talking about an Roman statesman or a English writer, we're talking about the alleged son of god and the savior of humankind. Apples and oranges, no?

Whether or not jesus was actually a historical figure would seem to be a substantially more significant question. At least in my opinion.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
And Achilles thinks Jesus (person) never existed, because there is no proof that can support it.
I'll quibble over language just so that other readers can be clear:

I'm skeptical of the claim. I don't hold a belief regarding his non-existance.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
Besides, I don't know what's the problem of this matter. If christians were assassins and terrorist, I would agree in changing their minds, but Christianity, teaches good manners, which I thinks many people on this world need.
Yes, those sentiments can be cherry-picked from the NT. That doesn't mean that the other, less altruistic parts aren't also there.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
And the target is always Christianity, never other religions very similar in teatchings. (Don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to escape from the thread.)
That may be the case in some debates you've participated in, but I think to assert that this is "always" the case is short-sighted and incorrect. Regardless, it's probably fodder for a different thread.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
But those are not Christian teachings, so it's irrelevant what those "supposed" Christian teach or say...
There is no objective standard as to what is christian or what is not. Your definition is no more accurate or complete than any other christian's.
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