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Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
What teachings are you reffering to? The Ten Commandments? Are they really bad?
We could have a discussion about how the ten commandments are morally insufficient, etc, but that's another topic. I was referring to the parts that advocate killing, slavery, etc. You can't just point to one passage and say, "That's what the bible really promotes" while conveniently ignoring the rest. But again, that's another topic.

Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
But there is a standard, although not very objective but it's the definition used today: one who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus; one who lives according to the teachings of Jesus.
You are correct in that anyone belief system that accepts jesus as the messiah would belong under the umbrella of christianity. I wasn't thinking in that context, but that part of your point is valid nonetheless.

The point I was trying to raise is that trying to define "real christianity" vs "fake christianity" is a completely subjective process. You have your take and that's one perfectly valid way of seeing things. Someone else has a completely different take and it is equally valid.

As for the "one who lives according to the teachings of jesus" part, I have to repeat the question: "which parts?".

I fear that we're starting to veer away from the topic of the thread though. Maybe we could continue this here instead?

Thanks for your response.
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