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Originally Posted by MrWally View Post
Yeah, I saw those $10 PC Game sales going on and I really considered it, but then I remember how much I hate the material greed of America on Black Friday and decided I'd stay home and work on College Applications while reading news articles on men and women who were trampled to death this morning.

You just scored massive brownie points with Grampa Grooves. It is bad enough that I am but a cog in the wheel of the retail engine, damned if I am going to drain my bank account on worthless trinkets that were over priced to begin with. I always work on black Friday, damned if I am going to stand in line with all of the nuts to get some goofy deal. My attitude this year, was even if they were giving out million dollar gift cards, I would stay away. This morning I worked the 6 - 2, and called it a day. Same thing I did last year. I am NOT buying any decorations this year. And I will most likely do my Christmas shopping towards the end of the season when all things must go.
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