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Originally Posted by neon_git View Post
Hmmm, we'll have to see what other reviewers say.

As a rule, Ascovel, would you say that reviews from that site are pretty accurate?
Assuming that even websites can pass inaccurate judgments, how can you be sure that some one like me will pass an accurate judgment on a website?

Well, OK. I'm not some great fan of AdventureTreff. I visit them because they have often very early reviews and information on adventure games. Some good interviews too. However, they're well known for overrating games. In fact, in the comments for the Mata Hari review the reviewer admitted that his 70% score means actually something around 45%! They're just so cool that they treat the 50% mark as zero (a slight simplification because the given explanation was very complex)! Great idea for inflating adventure games' scores IMO.

Anyway, I've seen almost only negative comments on Mata Hari so far. At the German Amazon website for example. At AT there are also suggestions floating around of some falling out between dtp and Noah and Hal during the last year. I'm not sure if they're properly founded though.

Personally, I'm not giving up on this game so easily, but I haven't read any encouraging impressions yet.
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