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Originally Posted by Darth Groovy View Post

You just scored massive brownie points with Grampa Grooves. It is bad enough that I am but a cog in the wheel of the retail engine, damned if I am going to drain my bank account on worthless trinkets that were over priced to begin with. I always work on black Friday, damned if I am going to stand in line with all of the nuts to get some goofy deal. My attitude this year, was even if they were giving out million dollar gift cards, I would stay away. This morning I worked the 6 - 2, and called it a day. Same thing I did last year. I am NOT buying any decorations this year. And I will most likely do my Christmas shopping towards the end of the season when all things must go.
Yeesh, that's scary... Black Friday is pretty evil. And not even a little Christmas tree? Hell, I'm pretty much the opposite of religious (read: non-religious) but dammit if I don't have a tree somewhere on Christmas for the rest of my life. :P

Anyway, guess what! TiE23, the dude that buy's too much stuff? I did no shopping our buying whatsoever yesterday... even if I had the desire, I was only going to try and get BiA: Hell's Highway for $20 at Target... but surprisingly someone is sending me one via Goozex. So meh!

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