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Originally Posted by alexrdias View Post
The Roman Catholic Church, from where I belong, doesn't "wish to oppress scientific knowledge and understanding"; neither "seek to oppress homosexuals". If you say that, I need proofs..
'Proofs' are generally used in math, but perhaps these two links among thousands possible will offer some evidence.

As for "seek to impose their particular brand of "god" and "religion" on the rest of society.", they don't seek to impose. They seek to show their particular brand of God and religion on the rest of society. And that's what almost every religion on the world do.
Proposition 8 is but one example of hundreds possible. Are you sure you want to go down that road? It would, perhaps, be a new thread.

Could you tell me where it says that "The abuse of children" and "killing" and etc... are following the teachings of Jesus?
Can you quote where I specifically stated these to be teachings of your alleged christ?


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