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Originally Posted by Tyrion View Post
You play bass now?

What sucks about Dream Theater is that I could've loved them if they strangled their singer. The Glass Prison is such a great song, though.

What happened to that pseudo-Rush epic you were writing a few years ago? The last thing I remember about that was me mocking that it was going to be 10 minutes of G-C-D ad nauseum.
Yeah, I switched from guitar to bass last year because of a lack of (good) bassists around here, and I knew I was nowhere as good as the guitarists I played with.

I love James LaBrie, he had an amazing vocal range. Sometime his vocals can be annoying, but I think without his singing and without the lyrics, dream theater would just be another band. If you love Dream Theater's instrumentation, check out "Liquid Tension Experiment"... its basically everyone from Dream Theater minus LaBrie and Myung (the silent deadly asian dude ) jamming and improving with the bassist from King Crimson. They put out two albums, wicked good stuff.

And I finished writing the epic, as well as a few concept albums and over 230 songs. Theres music for a few of them, but most of them are just lyrics and ideas in my head right now. Its hard to find people who are serious about writing songs, most just wanna jam, which is fine, but its not getting my songs anywhere.

And no, I can't compose music myself since my guitar skills would be limited to something like a GCD progression and its extremely hard to write a song on bass.

Oh, also, me and my friends are learning La Villa Strangiato... = very good thing

Another good thing, I got a 1890 on my SATS and finished all my college applications last week. Now we play the waiting game.

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