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Originally Posted by Tyrion View Post
You could be a rhythm guitarist, which has the added benefit of helping immensely with song writing.

I'm stupid when writing songs. I just harp on a few different ones I have until they're completed. Sure, Albert Einstein more or less followed the same approach in regards to physics, but it's not something you can easily brag about.

Er, what? Playing a Geddy Lee bass line for a 10-minute song would almost have to mean you can shred at the guitar...

Pwned! 1920 here. That extra 30 points is a stark reminder that we're all smarter here in the west.
I write all of my songs in a matter of minutes. Its gotten to the point that I don't even think about what I'm writing, the pen just flows and 5-10 minutes later I have a completed song written down in front of me. Sometimes its hard to find inspiration, but once I start a song its really easy for me to finish. And I hardly go back and change lyrics later, I like to keep it the way I left it.

Bass is just easier for me to do than guitar. I would hardly associate Geddy's basslines with shredding. First off, I have a lot of difficulty on forming chords (I always had, even when I played guitar), and since bass chords occur much less frequently, its a lot easier for me. I find bass funner to play too (If its something interesting, that is... none of this AC/DC bull****. ). Although I was just talking to my friend the other day about trying to learn chords so I can atleast attempt composing music. I've been trying to learn some music theory, but since I only took guitar lessons for like 2 weeks and never took bass lessons, its hard for me to keep up with inadequate online websites attempting to teach.

AND DAMN YOU! I bet I beat you on the writing section though. I suck at math anyways, so I dont plan on forming a career around it.

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