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Originally Posted by ZBomber View Post
I write all of my songs in a matter of minutes. Its gotten to the point that I don't even think about what I'm writing, the pen just flows and 5-10 minutes later I have a completed song written down in front of me. Sometimes its hard to find inspiration, but once I start a song its really easy for me to finish. And I hardly go back and change lyrics later, I like to keep it the way I left it.
It's probably not the best idea to write lyrics without music, though - it's gonna be a bitch fitting them to a song later on. I usually just write the music first, hum a melody over it, and then try to get some lyrics in place.

Bass is just easier for me to do than guitar. I would hardly associate Geddy's basslines with shredding. First off, I have a lot of difficulty on forming chords (I always had, even when I played guitar), and since bass chords occur much less frequently, its a lot easier for me. I find bass funner to play too (If its something interesting, that is... none of this AC/DC bull****. ). Although I was just talking to my friend the other day about trying to learn chords so I can atleast attempt composing music. I've been trying to learn some music theory, but since I only took guitar lessons for like 2 weeks and never took bass lessons, its hard for me to keep up with inadequate online websites attempting to teach.
Granted, you're likely not going to know how to sweep arpeggios while playing bass, but I still maintain that being good at bass means you're at least proficient with playing single notes on guitar. That being said, though, the chord thing might hamper you down a bit.

For learning music theory, I suggest taking an actual class for it. Not only will you get a better grasp of how to make songs, but you'll be able to show off mad sheet music reading skills.

That's uh, what the girls like, right?

AND DAMN YOU! I bet I beat you on the writing section though. I suck at math anyways, so I dont plan on forming a career around it.
I hate the writing sections for these tests because the 25 minute time limit caters specifically to people who let the pen automatically flow. See, I'm more of a thinker - and by the time I have the entire essay planned out, I only have five minutes left. It's a great approach for AP tests, sure, but sucks when they make you bull**** quickies.

I'm just lucky I did excellent on the critical reading with a 740. Bit of a shame, since I rarely have the attention span to read books.

(And I took the ACT too...I got a 29, which turns out to be exactly 1920 according to the conversion charts. )

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