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Hmm, were to start...

I'd like to see ragdoll physics, prone, more choices in weapons for different classes, better graphics, a plot (and a good one too), something were you can change legions (instead of ONLY being 501st), More hero's (especially jedi), special gaming engines (ragdoll physics [already listed], DMM, etc.), more vehicles, more diverse saber attacks, larger maps, ability to swim in water, underwater levels, one on one duels (like on mustafar, death star, naboo, tattooine, etc.), special missions (with RC Commandos and stuff, that way everyone who wants an RC2 will be satisfied), and I'd like all of the jedi to have their own special hilt, instead of them all having the same generic one... That's about it for me...

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I don't want to get my hopes up, but it's like the planets are aligning or something.
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