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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
Uh there are some things which you can legitimately say that they are UnAmerican and/or borderline treasonous.

Selling military equipment to a country where in our laws it is illegal to sell stuff like that to especially when they are supplying and training people whom go on to attack our troups is a good example.

Specifically I'm bringing up General Electric which so happens to be the Parent Company of NBC and MSNBC.
If I recall, we aren't at war with Iran. And if General Electric cannot do business with them because it supports "terrorism", then why are we still exporting oil from the Middle East and paying them for it.

By your logic, every time you fill your car up you are supporting terrorists. That is just as bad as those WW2 propaganda posters in the US that said that if you didn't carpool you supported Hitler.

Oh, and are you implying that MSNBC supports terrorists? Again, you should probably double check this link:
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