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You can use the commands 'saberstyleforbbiden' and 'saberstylelearned' to set what styles to use. If you want a saber to use staff, Tavion, and Desann it would look like this:

saberstylelearned staff
saberstylelearned Tavion
saberstylelearned Desann
saberstyleforbidden fast
saberstyleforbidden medium
saberstyleforbidden strong
saberstyleforbidden dual

One major problem will be that a backhand saber will remain backwards when you try to use tavion and desann styles. It will not turn around. I am working on a saber mod that will flip the saber around from backhand to regular when your character attacks with a single saber style. This means two things however: 1) the saber will not work with the staff attacks the same way the other backhand sabers do and 2) I have to make new run and walk forward and back animations or else the character flips the saber around when he moves. I made these animations and got them in game with no problems, but I want to redo them since they did not look too much like the SA. I like them but the people who would use them want to look like the SA.
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