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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
No, it is illegal for companies in the United States to do business with Iran last I checked. We have other countries that we refuse to sell military hardware to, like North Korea.
Says who? Have they been deemed possible combatants by the government?

If you ever go to a comic book store, try to find the Friendly Dictators Trading Cards. They might be fairly uncommon today, but I have my deck. Look 'em over, and you'll find some surprising former American allies.
I've basically said that MSNBC is made up of a bunch of left wing kooks that are a sham. I'd sooner trust Rush Limbaugh to be fair and balanced on something than anyone on MSNBC, in other words MSNBC is so bad that they have absolutely no credibility in my mind.
lolwut? Are you saying that you'd rather listen to a conservative radio guru who fancies Oxycontin than a supposed liberal TV network?
Btw, I know quite well what McCarthyism is, and I'm rather insulted that you'd compare me with McCarthy.
Well my friend, you sound very much like him. From what we have heard from you it this thread, you seem to believe that any liberal is somehow automatically anti-American. Perhaps I'm just mistaken, but the term "left-wing kooks" is awfully pejorative in my point of view.
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