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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
I've basically said that MSNBC is made up of a bunch of left wing kooks that are a sham.
Fair enough.

By the way, an eagle needs 2 wings to fly. Cut one off or favor one, and it falls out of the sky. Take that as you'd like.

I'd sooner trust Rush Limbaugh to be fair and balanced on something than anyone on MSNBC, in other words MSNBC is so bad that they have absolutely no credibility in my mind.
Still, I got the feeling that by putting MSNBC into the ring with GE that you were insinuating that MSNBC is supporting terrorism and the killing of our troops. If so, I would have to call BS on the grounds of 1) no proof shown thus far and 2) finding excuses to call your enemies terrorists is as bad as McCarthy's finger pointing of communists.

Frankly, anyone that uses the terms "left-wing" "right-wing" "liberal" "conservative" "terrorists" "communist" "socialist" in a way that seems to insinuate that they are some kind of enemy destroys their own credibility and the credibility of anything they would like to pull up to prove their point. If people want to label people to make them easier to hate and point out in a gun fight, then go ahead. Don't expect me to do anything more then smile and treat your opinion like that of a 4 year old however.

I'm sure you view me as nothing more than a left-wing, socialist traitor to your country and frankly I'm fine with that. Whatever makes life easier I guess.

I guess I could comment further on McCarthyism, but I can't manage to reply to it without being very insulting so I'll just leave it at that.
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