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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
At least the conservative station which there is only 1 compared to at least 5 liberal ones is honest about when it gives an opinion. The liberal media stations seem to think their opinions are the gospel truth and anyone that doesn't agree with them is evil.
Isn't that what you are doing right now? Preaching your opinion as gospel and telling us they are evil?

I've listened to Rush and Savage. They are far from being below finger pointing and hate speech. You are just favoring those on your side of the Black White board and ignoring the blatant bias that your own media outlets and talk show hosts have.

You have already admitted they are conservative talk shows. Why don't you also admit they are biased towards their own cause and will exaggerate and twist words like anyone that wants to make people believe their opinion? What makes your talk show hosts so much more credible than the others?

The liberals call you "evil". Well the conservatives call the liberals un-american traitors.

Oh hey, that is a great segway back to the point of this thread.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
If they are being completely dishonest I'd say they are unamerican and the liberal media has been so blatently dishonest this year, Sean Hannity is right, "Journalism died in this country in 2008."
Wow, we lasted till 2008? That is impressive.

Personally its always been mostly dead anyway.
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