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From LucasArts FAQ Regarding Star Wars Episode 1 Racer PC
Q: I am getting a white screen at the start of the race or having trouble running the game in Windows XP/2000.
A: We have received reports of problems with our Windows 95/98 game titles from users of Windows 2000. All of our original Windows 95/98 titles were developed and tested using only the standard Windows 95 & Windows 98 operating systems. Windows 2000 was designed for business users and is not currently compatible with all Windows 95/98 applications.

LucasArts cannot guarantee full compatibility of our original Windows 95/98 titles with the Windows 2000 operating system. Unfortunately, Racer is not officially supported for use with the Windows XP Operating System.

However, we do have a new executable file for the game (Swep1rcr.exe) that we are currently testing. This new .exe file addresses a known issue with Racer in Windows XP, where users encounter a white screen once they enter a race. This fix usually works for Windows 2000 users as well. We recommend that you download the new exe file for the game from our FTP site at:

Simply copy or save this file into your Racer folder on the harddrive (the default location is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\RACER). When you are asked if you want to overwrite the existing Swep1rcr.exe file, select yes. Then try playing the game once more to see if the new file corrects the problem.

If you use a mail program which has security precautions which will not allow you to download the updated file, please highlight and copy the FTP address above, and paste it into the address bar on your web browser to download the update.

Please note that this updated version of the game exe is for the domestic (U.S.) and other English versions of the game. If you have a non-English version of Star Wars Episode I Racer, please write back and we can send you the international version of the update.

At your earliest convenience, please write back and let us know if this update allows you to run the game without any problems.

If you experience any sound issues during gameplay, please exit the game and try the following:
Try adjusting the sound card's "hardware sound acceleration level" in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool Sound menu.
- Exit the game
- Click on the Windows Start button
- Choose "Run..."
- Type DXDIAG in the "Open" field and click OK
- Select the Sound tab on the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
- Lower the "hardware sound acceleration level" one notch and click "Exit"

Try playing the game with this setting. If the problem continues to occur, you may want to return to this menu and try a different acceleration setting.

You may need to reset sound acceleration to the original setting once you have finished playing the game to avoid problems with other applications.

Note: When playing Racer under Windows 2000/XP, you should select the option to create a new player on the main menu. We have received reports that using the default player file, Anakin, will cause the game to not save your progress once you exit the game. Simply delete or remove the default "Anakin" player file profile in the menu and create another different one.

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