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Episode 1 Racer PC - rdroid_gnome Issue

Now years later I'm having an issue with this rdroid_gnome release build problem just after installing and running the game. The very first loading screen flashes and an error comes up with rdroid_gnome release build error. I installed the game and installed the "white screen" patch and also checked & unchecked the Windows 98 / ME compatibility option. This Star Wars Racer game used to run fine under XP a while ago and I'm not sure why it ain't now - ? Perhaps b/c I upgraded my system from a single core CPU to AMD 64 Dual Core or XP Service pack 3 ?? Or my latest video card? Any help or solution fix is greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

Here is my current system info:
Windows XP Home w/ SP 3
Asus M3A AMD 64 X2 Dual 4400+
2 GB Dual Channel RAM
ATI Radeon HD 3650 PCI Xpress 16x
Sound Blaster Audigy (original)

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