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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL View Post
I haven't said all liberals are evil, seriously that's just plain stupid.
Well, you're not very convincing, since most of the ideals that you have posted here have liberals being the scapegoat for all of America's problems.
Yeah I heard about some of the "hate" speech, I haven't listened to Savage but Rush I have listened to and I've noticed a lot of the charges of hate speech directed towards minorities was literally made up by the people bashing him.
I suppose that this isn't a lie as well.
Rush has never cheered when someone fell and broke their hip, the left wing nuts did when it happened to Nancy Reagan! The so called "hate speech" on the right is usually nothing compared to what the far left does on a regular basis.
There you go again, with the liberal bashing. How about this: Enough of the "liberal wacko, nutjob, etc." stuff. It's quite insulting and rather low-brow.
Look when we were fighting in World War II we had to ration things here at home to further the war effort.
I suppose that includes using racial caricatures to poke fun at dictators.

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