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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Well, you're not very convincing, since most of the ideals that you have posted here have liberals being the scapegoat for all of America's problems.
I haven't said that liberals cause all of America's problems either, I have my problem with some conservatives, the problem is that the far left tends to be treated as though they are the accepted norm.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
I suppose that this isn't a lie as well.
That was rather insensitive of him, in all honesty Micheal J Fox's Parkinsons occurred at an unusually young age putting it mildly. And while I disagree with some of what Rush apparently said based on the information you've provided I do feel I need to point out that pro-ponents of embryonic stem-cell research have been outright dishonest with the general public about how effective it can be.

For instance, they claim it will cure things that it can never possibly cure because the problem is a genetic abnormality.
Furthermore, they haven't been honest about the fact that the same results can be achieved with adult stem celms which doesn't have that same ethical issues that embryonic stem cell research carries with it.

Also to be completely honest Rush may have had a point concerning Michael J. Fox, there are a lot of drugs out now that can surpress the symptoms that Mr. Fox demonstrates and he is quite frankly a lot younger and probably doesn't have the sensitivity to medications that my grandfather had before he died.

Calling someone a whiner and wishing someone ill are two different things.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
Rush has never cheered when someone fell and broke their hip, the left wing nuts did when it happened to Nancy Reagan! The so called "hate speech" on the right is usually nothing compared to what the far left does on a regular basis.
There you go again, with the liberal bashing. How about this: Enough of the "liberal wacko, nutjob, etc." stuff. It's quite insulting and rather low-brow.
Actually it looks more like Rush was accusing of Michael J. Fox of semi-faking the severity of his Parkinsons. It wasn't hate speech, a lack of understanding on the part of Mr. Limbaugh, yes. However, someone falling and breaking their hip is pretty well understood, wishing someone had been hurt worse than they were and cheering when they fell and hurt themselves because of that fall is far worse.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
I suppose that includes using racial caricatures to poke fun at dictators.
The term German refers to a specific Nationality, it is not a race. Very few countries can make the claim that their Nationality is also a race and Germany isn't one of them.
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