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The term German refers to a specific Nationality, it is not a race. Very few countries can make the claim that their Nationality is also a race and Germany isn't one of them.
I just wanted to toss in a personal, somewhat academic impression in here, though I've no intention of derailing the discussion itself.

"Race" was an ideal largely levelled by (commonly British) anthropologists of the 18-19th century as an academic term. It was based upon the erroneous belief that regional cultural groups held physical, skeletal and intellectual differences measureable by a scientific means (such as skull dimensions). It was complete hogwash, for one (due to common ancestry and complex evolutionary diversity), and secondly, by its blatant intentions to support colonialism led directly to other unfounded assertions like the Eugenics movement and its cousin, Nazism. Quite simply the entire proceedings were determined by dedicated anthropologists around the 1930's to be no more than "scientific racism."

By the 1930's disciplines such as anthropology had become far more accessible to those without noble lineage, in part due to sweeping changes in world politics and thus economic control. During impartial tests it was discovered there were as many variations within even isolated regional communities as there were outside the group, one of the early, strictly scientific allusions to common ancestry (which was backed by archaeological evidence and linguistics studies, prior to modern DNA research that ultimately confirmed and revolutionised suspicions).

At that time, for example new ethics among anthropologists were evolved so as to prevent the use of such studies and statistical data for political purposes in the future. One can peruse the American Anthropological Society website for more details regarding these (I know, yanks are actually good for something peaceful, well done).

So, firstly there are no races. No such thing, sorry. All the terms Mongoloid, Aboriginal, Inuit, etc. were thoroughly based in colonial interests of the 19th century and racism.
There are certainly regional cultures, and regional physical variations in terms of medical immunities and so on. But these are never tied to genetic lineage upon an ancestral scale, a point which is quite proved.

Well then, if there are no races, what then are these differences to be more correctly termed? Cultural and regional communities (and/or situational medical themes).

With this new insight, indeed certain cultural groupings formerly termed, incorrectly "races" do exist, but the differences may be hardly genetic at any given instance.

And Germanic is indeed one of the contemporaries.
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