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Originally Posted by ET Warrior View Post
you keep saying this, but who was actually 'cheering' about Nancy Reagan? I didn't invite you to my 'Suck it, Nancy' party so how do you know there was cheering going on?
Huffington Post had people posting that up cheering about it, and saying stuff about they hoped Nancy would be hurt worse.

To my knowledge they ended up taking it down after it ended up being brought up on the O'Reilly Factor. Mr. O wasn't happy putting it mildly and he brought up a pattern of incidents and quite frankly humiliated them.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Of course, because hurtful stereotypes are A-ok as long as they're not racially motivated.
You have to understand that we were at war at the time and stuff like that can and does happen. To be frank, tempers were extremely high after Pearl Harbor, and while we saw the propaganda stuff during that war, we don't see things like that about the Japanese today. To be perfectly blunt they had propaganda stuff that bashed Americans.
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