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- Horror's of the Winged Gho -

The demons of Gho,
They fly through opened portals.
The windows in the towers,
the walls shiver at their calls.

I sleep not, tonight.
Nor forever.
An eternity as a demon.
A demon of Gho.

Great beast, hear thy screams.
Thy has thee soul, splitting at the seams.
Thou thy do not know how you came to be,
my life, my line, is all but nothing of me.

Cry I will not,
but whimper in the dark.
Stay here, and make me rot, sweet innocence.
My eyes pierce, stark.

Equivocal sense;
exonerate my lost dreams, for I dream them not.
You dwell into the rivers of obscenity in my mind,
Strand of memory, the origin of such things in kind.

Night as come, but ho! She did not leave!
The moon is as beautiful as always.

... BEGONE! Lost beings, begone!

I will always fly sweet lady.

Frosty tears of shattered memories,
My lies and dreams are still within you, this I know.
I will never leave, this thee must believe.
Take me now, sweet demons of Gho.

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