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Sabretooth has it spot on.

The dissolution of Parliament is a Constitutional act of Democracy, in order to represent the People and prevent absolutist and totalitarian administration. It is worth remembering that in a Parliamentary system of government the governing body is also the legislative body, which means basically they answer to no-one.

A piece of history: once apon a time there were Popes and Kings, the Popes had the land and the Kings had the law. Then came along Protestantism. Now the Kings had the land and the law. Enter Parliament. Now they had the land and the law and they gave Kings religion. So now a King is a Pope and Parliament is King. That's the short version.

Okay so what is Democracy? That's when the King's representative (a Governer-General or Constitutional Court) steps in when Parliament becomes corrupt.

/end European political lesson.

Now Yanks, well they're s p e c i a l.

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