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Originally Posted by ET Warrior View Post
I see, so an article written by a person that is insensitive about Nancy Reagan hurting herself and suddenly it's some kind of group liberal conspiracy of hate? Makes sense to me.
It was beyond insensitive it was cheering about the fact she got hurt and disappointed she didn't get hurt worse. Quit trying to downplay it.

Originally Posted by True_Avery
And when Rush calls J Fox out for apparently "faking" the symptoms of a fatal condition, its just his misunderstood opinion that by no means represents the conservative party.

Great how fervent partisanship works, huh?
That song and dance may work on some people, but not on me because my grandfather had Parkinsons disease, and it wasn't what killed him. Seriously, Parkinsons takes time to progress quite frankly due to J. Fox's age Rush may have been right about about the guy not taking his meds at the time.

Fact is, that someone like Michael J. Fox could get enough care that Parkinsons probably won't be what kills him. It doesn't mess with vital organs, it messes with voluntary muscle movements, he may need a nurse or caretakers looking after him.

Originally Posted by PastramiX
I was actually referring to the Japanese internment camps in the US. I suppose I didn't clarify enough. >_<
Last I checked, those internment camps weren't slave labor camps, nor were they death camps and those people were released after the war. It isn't even remotely equivalent to what the Japanese did nor is it remotely equivalent to what the Germans or Russians did during World War II. While the detainment of Japanese Americans was wrong, and I'm not going to argue that point, you cannot even remotely compare the US to the attrocities committed by the Axis powers nor the attrocities that the Soviet Union committed.

I'm sure any Concentration Camp survivor would be extremely offended by your comments.

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