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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
That isn't what I'm saying at all, I'm not saying it was okay, however I'm getting sick of the blatent attempts to paint the United States as the cause of all problems in the world.
Sort of ironic coming from someone who has, for the past month, tried to paint the "left-wing wackos", "liberal socialists", and "mainstream liberal media" as a problem that will undermine the stability of the United states government and turn us into Russia or WW2 Germany.

Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
That song and dance may work on some people, but not on me because my grandfather had Parkinsons disease, and it wasn't what killed him. Seriously, Parkinsons takes time to progress quite frankly due to J. Fox's age Rush may have been right about about the guy not taking his meds at the time.

Fact is, that someone like Michael J. Fox could get enough care that Parkinsons probably won't be what kills him. It doesn't mess with vital organs, it messes with voluntary muscle movements, he may need a nurse or caretakers looking after him.
That is not the point. Maybe he did forget his meds, but I'd think someone from a background in that type of disease would understand how utterly tasteless it is to say "Oh, that guy is either making up his illness or faking symptoms to get attention."

It might be J Fox, but what if someone went up to your grandfather and pointed out to you that he's probably faking his illness, or jerking voluntarily to get attention? You'd probably punch him in the face, even if it was the first time the guy had ever seen your grandfather.

Maybe your grandfather -had- forgot his meds that particular day. Maybe he was having an genuine attack. Regardless, its tasteless to point out that kind of stuff even if you are ignorant of the details.

It would be like seeing a bald, pale woman on the street and saying "She's probably putting on a cancer act because she wants attention." Does she have cancer? Maybe. If so, then that was an entirely tasteless thing to say, especially if said in a way that she can hear you. What if she didn't have cancer? Then you just decided to be blatantly ignorant of details and make an accusation that insults anyone with the actual sickness.

Is that as bad as cheering when someone breaks their hip? I'm going to say no, but its close. At least for Rush. Savage, on the other hand, is a conservative talk show host who has told a gay man with Aids to die on national television, claimed that mental retardation is a show, and has told students protesting on a hunger strike to, quote, "starve to death".

Tasteless? Yes. As bad as cheering at a woman getting hurt? Yes.

Does Savage represent the entire conservative party? No. Does he represent what I think of you? No. He's a guy who has a voice and has decided to use it.

So, I'd appreciate if you would drop the name calling just because a few people with a voice decided to speak their minds. Those "left-wing wackos" do not represent the liberal party any more than Savage represents the conservative party.

If you must speak down on them, then just the person in general. But don't clump them up into labels like "left" and "right" wing to make it easier to throw the mud. Many people have different beliefs and opinions, even if they are in a so called "party", and deciding an entire group in general is whats wrong in the world is just a shot to the foot of your credibility, and the credibility of your arguments.

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