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A Jedi returns home. And the plot of Kotor 1 is slowly unfolding...
Another hint towards Yan-Ze's past is given...
Comments are VERY welcome!

A Jedi returns
Yan-Ze walked down the ramp of the starship. It had been several days since they had landed. He and the group of refugees had landed on the second landing pad, since the first one was occupied by another ship. The people aboard (a young woman and a Republic soldier as far as Yan-Ze had seen) had a meeting with the council first, before Yan. He did expect the group to be greater though. He could feel at least two non-human life forms and two more human life forms aboard. One of them felt like a Jedi Master too. What a power! But he hadn’t bothered to look any further.

He had spent his days cleaning his equipment. His lightsaber was in bad shape and he used the workbenches around the Dantooine enclave to repair it.
He had also turned Jun Miltin into custody. The man had attempted to push a women through the airlock when she accidentally broke down an irrigation droid on his ‘beloved’ starship.
Yan-Ze had intervened and locked the insane man in one of the smaller rooms aboard where he could do no harm. The problem was, the man had equipped his ship with state of the art sensors and camera’s. His action on Taris was saved on disc and so was his ‘almost-murder’ of the women. The second they docked, the Jedi security protocol droids had checked the datacards for anything suspicious before the group could leave the ship. And indeed, Jun Miltin was soon arrested. His fortune became his downfall.
Yan-Ze sat down on the ramp, enjoying some of the sunlight.

The cry for help came from near Yan-Ze. He rushed for the sound and was just in time.
A women was down on the ground with several lightsaber wounds on her arms and body. Towering over her stood an enraged feline-like alien who was about to deliver the killing blow. Yan-Ze used Force speed to get there in time (which was difficult, his skills were a bit rusty). He activated his lightsaber and could barely prevent the death of the human.

The feline Jedi responded with a strong vertical slash, which forced Yan-Ze to side step. Yan then slowly slashed for the legs of the other Jedi, who responded with a Force jump. She landed behind Yan-Ze. He was just in time to meet the powerful vertical slash coming his way with a quick spin of his yellow saber.
He felt his power draining away. He wasn’t in shape for this kind of battle! With a quick glance, he saw the lightsaber of the now unconscious Jedi Master was still on the ground.
He summoned it to his hand with a quick force pull and activated the blue blade.
“You still want to fight, girl?” He asked.
“I WILL END YOU!” She cried and jumped towards Yan-Ze. He parried the frontal stab with his left handed saber and made a horizontal slash with his own saber for the feline’s now open flank.
But he was thrown backwards by a powerful Force push.
He then felt the air being pushed out of his lungs. He knew the technique…it was called Force choke. A typical abuse of the standard telekinetic powers a Jedi possessed.
The feline slowly approached him, lightsaber in hand:
“You are a fool to duel me. Now you die too!”
Yan-Ze was just in time to activate his secret weapon: the shields on his gloves!
The horizontal slash bounced of his arm and the surprise pulled the angered Jedi out of her focus, threw her backwards and ended the choke. Yan reactivated his sabers and gestured.
The feline let out a terrifying shout and leapt for Yan-Ze. He knew he had to use all his strength to block the impact and threw the blue lightsaber spinning at the Jedi. She fended it off, but at least it took her some time to do so. Time Yan-Ze needed.

He tightened his grip around his own yellow lightsaber and braced for impact.
He felt the weight of the alien bash on his saber. He sidestepped and the feline almost fell forwards. Yan-Ze put his last ounce of strength behind a diagonal slash. The shocked padawan was just in time to block it and their sabers locked.
“You are stronger then you appear, human…” The feline Jedi spoke.
“Just wait a little while longer, and we’ll see how strong I really am…” Yan-Ze replied.
She smiled and leapt backwards using the Force. She then used Force speed to run away, heading for the exit of the enclave.

Yan-Ze fell down, all power drained from his body. He crawled towards the unconscious body of the Jedi Master and touched her to check her life signs. She was alive.
“HELP! Somebody help! We got lightsaber injuries here!”
Yan-Ze heared the sounds of upcoming footsteps, rushing to his aid. He could feel they were friendly.
With his last bit of Force power he gave a little boost to the unconscious Master. The flicker of life grew a bit larger.
Yan-Ze closed his eyes.
“Hehe…I still have it…after all those years!”

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