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Here it is.
hope you enjoy it

At first I was barely aware of distant voices, hushed as if uttered in a whisper. Blackness surrounded me. By degrees the haze was lifted, as if it were made of many veils covering my face. It was beautiful, the smoky swirl; I imagined I was looking into the heart of the Force itself. But suddenly I remembered what had happened. I sprang up, Andrew’s name blurting from my throat. At least I tried to spring up. I was restrained by bandages around my wrist and ankles. My head swam at the sudden movement, and for a moment I thought I was going to pass out, but a moment of concentration and controlled breathing brought me back to my senses. Slowly I raised my head and glanced around the room I was in. By the look of things I was in some sort of medical facility. I was lying down on an uncomfortable military bed.

I awaited my rescuer… or my doom. The door to the facility opened, and there stood— Andrew.

He looked down at me and ran up to the bed, babbling a torrent of words.

“Master Bluebender…You’re alive! I was so worried…Steel …Naboo, I’ll go get them!”

Andrew then proceeded to rush out the door.

I snuggled under the blankets, hoping for the best. If I were being held by my enemies I would most likely already be dead, and Andrew would certainly not be so enthusiastic.

I must have drifted off again, because next thing I knew a figure was bending over me. I blinked, blinded by the bright, lifeless lights. The image cleared and I saw—Steel!

You see Steel and I have been friends since both of us were children, playing hide-and-seek through the vast temple of the Jedi. When we grew older, Steel, the late Ben Moonson, Rebecca Rainbringer, and I would watch over the younglings as they went about their activities. Unfortunately Rebecca Rainbringer fell to General Grievous in the battle of Tour Argon at the beginning of the war.Also as you know Ben fell at Skywalkers hand in the temple.

Back in the present, I was pulled out of my bed by an over-enthusiastic Steel. He then began to chatter about how he had survived the attack. I was dizzy and disoriented but listened with half an ear.

Before I explain his story I should probably explain how he earned his nickname. During a battle against the Seps on the planet Bulgarian he crashed his Jedi starfighter onto hard rock. Amazingly, he survived the ordeal, but at the cost of his legs. He had settled into a Force-aided coma, and when they found him he had his missing limbs replaced by cybernetic ones.
Steel began his tale with his usual gusto and bravado.

“Well, when it all started I was on Mygeeto with Master Ki-Adi-Mundi. You see, I wanted to start a little test. I decided to live the life of a clone for a week and see what it felt like. I felt I could understand my men better seeing life as they saw it. I didn’t tell anyone; I took a set of armor from a trooper who had drowned and staggered into camp with the others at the end of a battle. We had just begun an assault on one of the capital cities of the planet. I was near Master Mundi in the front line of the assault. We were on a narrow bridge that led to the main gates of the city. It was covered in battle droids. After we had ended the existence of a few battle droids, a word crackled over the com unit. That in itself was strange as we had been ordered to observe radio silence during the duration of the attack. I heard these words:

“’Execute order 66.’”

By this time we where all avidly listening to his tale.

He continued dramatically,

“Totally unaware of his impending doom, Ki-Adi-Mundi continued to block blaster bolts, ironically protecting the people that where about to destroy him

“So, as you might have guessed, the bloody clones opened fire. It was over before I even knew what was going on. There was nothing I could have done. Luckily they didn’t know I was a Jedi hidden within the armor. To them I was unit Alpha Tango 339900. There was no way I could have won against all of them, even if I had had my lightsaber. So I threw away my armor the first chance I got, stole a fighter, and headed here. The Queen offered me asylum, and here I am.”

There was a moment of profound silence before he asked glibly, “What about you, mate?”

I then told Steel my own tale. Andrew corrected and made idle comments as I progressed.

The next day, Steel filled me in on the present situation. I was being hidden in secret chambers in the royal palace at Theed. The Queen herself had put me up, though officially, of course, neither Steel nor I existed. After a while, I was able to get up and move around a little and think more clearly. Finally I got up the nerve to ask a question that had been in the forefront of my mind.“Is the Pacifist still… in one piece?”

“Sorry mate… after dragging you put of the wreck we could see that there was no saving her! Though I guess it’s just as well; we would have had to destroy her anyway, seeing as you aren’t here and all that.” His talking so flippantly about my beloved ship was almost too much to bear.I Honestly think that if my ship made it in one piece I would continue with my lonely exile.
That’s when I made yet anther mistake. I found the royal cellars. Mysteriously, several bottles of the finest Tarisian ale disappeared that night.
Heck I was drunk that night.

I vaguely recall having my wake up party with Steel.

At around about midnight I asked, “Hic—hey, Steel, how long…hic…how long was I unkg…uncok...unconscious?”

“Umm—hic—I think it was about a week….no wait a month….oh yeah, I think it was about a month............

That’s the moment when my bodily systems gave up struggling to maintain my function. I collapsed with a bang to the floor.

Never was anything great achieved without danger.

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