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Originally Posted by PastramiX View Post
Then can you please explain why we all heard "Kill him!" on that tape? Was it a coincidental compression artifact that just happened to sound like the words "kill" and "him" during a Republican rally?
There are several possibilities, however you're ignoring two key facts.

1. The Secret Service dismissed it saying that wasn't what happened, and I'll believe the Secret Service over MSNBC.

2. We're potentially looking at someone in a crowd even if it was true, someone in a crowd isn't the same thing as a group receiving stuff from the Democrat Presidential candidates, and considered respected by the Democrats.

The "Code Pink" stuff has relevance because one of the sources given was from MSNBC, and considering the fact MSNBC tried to actively sabotage the Republican Convention, it doesn't look like they are a trustworthy source.

Originally Posted by The Doctor
Actually, it was more akin to "Kill them both", referring to both Democratic candidates.
Again the Secret Service dismissed it, and considering they take threats to candidates extremely seriously I'm going to take the Secret Service's side.

Furthermore, Huffington Post letting people take shots at Nancy Reagan (and they were courted by the Democrat Presidential Candidates) is not equivalent to some bozo allegedly yelling something in a crowd.

So here we have the comparison between groups that the Democrats knowingly associate with and we're comparing it to what some person in a crowd allegedy shouted while they happened to be at a rally for the Republican Presidential Candidate or VP Candidate. What's next, accusations of Racism because Republicans dared to criticize the "annointed one?"

You would have an equivalent if the Republicans were courting groups that call for the torching of abortion clinics or something like that, but the Republicans don't court those groups (and the mainstream media would pounce all over the Republicans if they did).
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