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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Ah, so it's ok for Republican supporters to threaten Democrat candidates, but if a number of Democrat supporters post on a blog mocking a Republican former First Lady, it's a crime against the party, and something that can be used in a debate. I get it.
Uh, if there was a Democrat supporter calling for McCain to have been assassinated at a rally Obama was at and Obama didn't here the guy in a crowd, I wouldn't blame the Democrat Party, it's just some nut that needs to be arrested.

Originally Posted by The Doctor
You're right about one thing, though: the two cannot be compared.
Was that sarcasm, or are you agreeing with me?

Originally Posted by The Doctor
And you simply cannot deny that there were Republicans shouting death threats at McCain's concession speech because I watched the damned thing live, and I heard it with my own ears. If you're willing to take the Secret Service's word over that of your own senses, simply so you can justify your arguments in your own mind, that's your business. But no one else buys it. You're just plain wrong on this one. It's just that easy.
Were you actually attending the event though, remember we just saw it on TV. I'm not calling you a liar, but I am saying the secret service had trained individuals go over the tapes (training neither of us have) and determined there wasn't a death threat or anything remotely of the sort.
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