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KOTOR 1+2: Vista Fix & Windows 7 Report

Im stickying this here to have a permanent reference to the KOTOR Vista fix. It has been around a few months, but has not made prolific progress at making the rounds...

Thank you to SD Nihil for the original heads up

In the tech area we quite often get queries about hardware etc from KOTOR fans querying a vista upgrade. This info will stay here for any Vista user wishing to find out about KOTOR and Vista.

Im glad I no longer have to tell people to dual boot or try figure out Linux and WINE

Ive so far tested K2 on my Vista 64 bit rig and all is working well. I will be testing K1 shortly.

Im not sure what limitations there are, or what bugs persist for the duration of the entire game. I will attempt a summary from what I glean from obsidian etc relevant threads. Feel free to report anything as you come across it.

The fix is a tiny file >> mss32.dll (372kb) HERE
-Cheers to Qliveur for the updated link

I invite others with Vista 32 bit to chime in as well if theyve given this a go.

Shame on those LFN members who knew this fix and didnt spread it around better!

* * *

Source: Post by RenegadeSniper7 at
[Tutorial]Original Team Gizka thread link

Here's are the instructions to save you the journey/if you are lazy

The instructions describe conditions where KOTOR1/2 is not installed on your Windows Vista system.

1. Insert the install disk.

2. Open up "computer" , right-click the disc drive and click "Explore", so you can have a poke around what is on the disc.

3. Find the file called setup.exe
>Right-click> select Properties.
>Click the tab labelled, "Compatibility". > Select, "run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2(SP2)"

Pic For Steps 3,4(and 9)

4. Go farther down and also select, "Run as Administrator". In order to install KotOR II, you require admin privileges for the duration of installation to start-up. Playing it without this causes failure to launch. (Nb. if you are already logged in as an admin, this option may be grayed out.)

5. Run setup.exe. Select continue, and install as you normally would.

6. Once it is installed, you'll need to fix the mss32.dll file > this is done by simply replacing it with the fixed one from the above link

7. Once that file is downloaded, place it in your KotOR II's root file directory, eg: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2. (or wherever you have installed it)

When it says, "Move and replace", select that option. This successfully fixes the "KotOR II has stopped working" bug.

8. Almost done! Find or create a shortcut directly for swkotor2.exe. (or kotor.exe for K1 of course) This is different from the launcher file that automatically gets created.

The file is located in your root file, which is where you put the mss32.dll file.

This is as easy as right-clicking swkotor2.exe, clicking create shortcut. If windows says, "Windows cannot create a shortcut here, would you like on placed on your Desktop instead?", click yes.

9. Now, the last step!
>Right-click the swkotor2.exe shortcut you created and select Properties. >Click on compatibility , then select "Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP 2". and "Run as Administrator"(if not greyed out)

Good luck! I'll be back with my K1 results later, but if anyone else has had a go, please report.


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