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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Oh, but when people laugh at an old lady for falling down the stairs, the Democrats are behind it. That's not an ignorant double standard at all.
No when it is people bashing her, cheering about the fact she got hurt, etc., and when it was reported at that site (which the Democrat Party considers respectible), they refused to take it down. That makes it partially the direct responsibility of the Huffington Post.

In the case you're talking about we have the Secret Service saying that the story is bogus. Republicans saying that if the story is true (which there is some debate as to whether or not its true) then the comments were out of line. We're not talking about some group that McCain supported, we're talking about at most a single individual, and do you know how hard it is to hear a single individual in a sea of a few hundred or a few thousand? Especially when that crowd is all saying something.

Originally Posted by The Doctor
Best. Question. Ever.
Actually, it's more of I'm not always good at realizing when someone is being sarcastic, and my response would vary depending one whether or not it was.

Originally Posted by The Doctor
Nothing I could say to this can top what jmac has just said. I refer you to him for a reply to this one.
I have eyes, and ears too, but there are at least two problems with your microphone argument:
  1. Don't indicate which direction the sound came from.
  2. They don't always accurately pick up what was said, especially in a crowd.

In fairness, the 2nd one isn't that common, but believe me with McCain's luck concerning microphones, and I did actually attend one of his rallies, it would be completely plausible. He had two microphones give out at that rally, which he cracked a joke about the microphones being courtesy of the Democrats.

The Secret Service investigated this, they have training, experience, etc. that you do not have. Any threat, towards a Presidential Candidate is taken extremely seriously by them, if they say there was nothing there, odds are there was nothing there.
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