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Your Dream Video Game


Suppose that you had unlimited resources to design and create any video game fitting to your whim, what would it be? Be creative and very descriptive; don't be afraid to post what's on your mind! (Unless if it evolves erotic scenarios >_>)

Personally, my dream video game would be an "interactive acid trip". Part adventure a la Myst, it would simply involve procedural generation and prerendered elements randomly spaced out... like an acid trip. The beauty of it is that it each trip can be fully customized to match the user's tastes by importing 3D models, images, sounds and music from your hard drive. Each experiencing is designed with a "randomosity variable" that ensures that each trip is unique and unlike any other previous trip. Each trip can also be entirety recorded for playback. Now, the best part about is that it is 100% open-source, and therefore, is completely free and able to be modified.
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