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Originally Posted by GarfieldJL
No when it is people bashing her, cheering about the fact she got hurt, etc., and when it was reported at that site (which the Democrat Party considers respectible), they refused to take it down. That makes it partially the direct responsibility of the Huffington Post.
No, it's still the responsibility of the person who posted it, and I'm sure Huffington has a waiver about that. Unless you're going to tell me that we're now absolving people of personal responsibility.
Has it occurred to you that it wasn't a refusal to take it down, but rather they just hadn't read the blog comments at that point? I don't read my blog comments every day, and I'm sure Huffington is busy with other things. Once O'Reilly pointed it out, the comments got deleted. Sure, they should have come down before that, but assuming it's intentional on her part rather than oversight is unfair.

Were the comments tasteless? Yes. Were the comments about Michael J. Fox tasteless? Yes. No one should have been laughing at Reagan's injury--that was just beyond the pale, and utterly heartless. However, I have plenty of very liberal friends and relatives who were just as appalled by those comments as my conservative friends/relatives. Extrapolating all Reagan-hate comments to all liberals is incorrect. With that kind of logic, all conservatives would be accused of being loony homophobes because the Westboro baptist people happen to vote Republican.

Likewise, no one should have been accusing Fox of intentionally withholding his meds so his disease looked worse, and that was just beyond tacky. Many of my patients with neuro problems have good days and bad days when the disease is better or worse and it's entirely unpredictable. He could have done everything absolutely correctly with his meds and still had a bad day.

I don't even want to dignify Savage's outrageous statements with an answer otherwise to say that he's not a conservative, he's a hate-monger who tries to use the conservative tenets to advance his vitriol and verbal poison.

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