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Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post

I thought that was Matales, with an a?
Heh, a mistake on my part. Now that I think about it, Metales actually sounds very funny. Anyway, I'm too lazy to fix the screenshot, so Metales it is.

EDIT: I've fixed the name anyway. It would keep bugging me (that little annoying voice inside) if I wouldn't.

Originally Posted by Darth Payne View Post
Oh, will the Bastila parts of this mod work with Silveredge9s Bastila Dark Side Head Reskin?
No, but you can make it compatible if you want. Just some renaming, copying and deleting is required. Basically, all you'll need from his mod is the skin (which has to be renamed). My mod takes care of everything else without modifying Bastila's .utc (to ensure compatibility with hundreds of other Bastila mods).

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