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Hmm, sounds suspiciously like a school project, Litofsky

I wonder if there aren't simple physical laws to which psychology is subject. Conservation of energy, the wont to go slower, take it easier, preserve individual resources.
It is a bane where one seeks to move forward or create an establishment and yet demands resources from somewhere other than themselves.

Daddy I want a car.
Knowledgeable people are just acting smart.
Why don't I have the same opportunities as others?
I wish other people would do my homework for me

Once you've done the efforts required you can just sit back and reap some rewards. Lazy people want to go straight to that part. And here's a problem, we went ahead and made economic, political and socio-political aristocracies. So according to Newsweekly, just buy this product and indeed you can sit back, chide others and be a Hollywood movie star.
Celebrity stakes have become big business, so record companies concoct the next superstar teen-girl next door, with some destitute busker's song they stole the rights to for $12.50 and this modern take on successful capitalism really isn't helping any.
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