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Laziness is a term that has been overused by America, and abstractly applied to all times when you aren't trying to kill yourself with work, generally by people who buy expensive champagne and aren't killing themselves with work.

Yes, people can be lazy, but people generally aren't lazy for most of the things people are calling them lazy for. When I sit at home on saturday and debate politics with you guys, am I being lazy? That depends on what you definition of "lazy" is, and I don't mean strictly the dictionary.

I could be lazy to an inventor, who doesn't work a job much but spends all his time developing new and crazy ideas, I could be lazy to a business man, who spends all his time in corporate meetings, but he could as well consider said inventor lazy. I could be lazy to my professors because I'm not working on some kind of homework or studying.

The "easy way" is not always the bad way, and it is too often misconstrued as such. I can nail two plants of wood together with a hammer which I made myself, and a nail I made myself, and wood I cut from a tree myself, it's very hard, and the end result is the same as if I bought 2 pieces of wood from a store, along with a nail-gun and some nails for it. Is the latter easier? Of course it is. But being easier than an astoundingly hard way to do it does not make it inherently lazy, as all "lazy" is is an abstract assignment of devaluation by somebody who does the same thing or something else they consider to be harder, in a more complicated manner.

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