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Originally Posted by Litofsky View Post
Perhaps so, but I meant "laziness" in the sense that people take the easiest way out in a situation, unless otherwise acted upon.
This was not clarified at any point prior to my post, therefore, so no, that is not what you meant.

Most opinions are derived from one's definition of the debated issue. Again, in this thread, I meant laziness "in the sense that people take the easiest way out in a situation, unless otherwise acted upon."
Again, if this is what you meant, I suspect you either failed to imbue with the psychic-powers necessary to deduce this from your topic statement of "here's a quote: discuss", or you did not say what you mean.

Again, not the sense I meant "lazy" in.
Then for future reference: try to say what you mean.

If I seem upset, it's because I am. If you don't say what you mean, how can I be expected to understand what you mean to say?

Addendum: you took the easy way out, IMO, a "lazy" way, of only putting down the minimum of what was necessary, and therefore, caused exactly what you were thinking about, a failure, in this case: to communicate, based on a person: you, being lazy.

Originally Posted by vanir View Post
Lazy people do get their just deserts: little empowerment. However they do tend to cause quite a bit of extra work for everyone else, for no good reason and little achieved.
That is exactly how I feel about this topic right now.

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