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Hey Q It is good news indeed. Simply out of curiousity > I want to look into that .dll a bit more closely, to see what is actually going on, and what the fix actually did. Some sleepless googling ahead

I just shows you the discrepancy between what we think we know and what is actually going on There were so many reports of incompatible shader models etc, the launchers own config reports - many of us(including myself), after so many tries, believed it was a no go.

Some even hoped that W7 would fix it!

Im just amazed that this news didnt spread so well. Theres some LFN members at team gizka, that didnt seem fussed with spreading it like wildfire across a prominent SW KOTOR forum... ah well, now we know. No more telling people to dual boot or "stick to xp"

I shouldnt be surprised though. In the htpc world, clever peeps are always pulling off amazing unsupported feats in Windows Media Center via registry tweaks and plugins. Its good that similarly clever coder types decided tho have a proper go at this.

We are grateful to them for that


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