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This is going to sound really bizarre, but I want an KotOR game that plays like GTA:SA. The problem I have with RPGs is that they tend to have stories that don't fit well with the RPG genre (key parts of the story tend to hint that your character was written with a specific class in mind, etc). The problem I have with straight action/adventure games is that I feel like I'm being trained like a chimp (push this button here, push that button there, etc). GTA: SA didn't give me a class per se, but it did give me skills and the ability to build them (or not build them). I could change my appearance and such, but I never felt that twinge of disappointment when an NPC said something to me that yanked me out of the role I was trying to play. At the same time, I also had objectives that needed to be met and the freedom to accomplish them in a manner that made sense to me.

So there.
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