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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon View Post
A KotOR 3 written by Avellone and Ziets. Single player only with an explanation of Revan/Exile's fate, damn it all.

And while I'm still dreaming, remakes of MotB and Torment with the former having a less clunky engine and the latter a less dated one. And of course full voice acting, the 3.5e rules and balanced combat for both.

Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
And a remake of the Dark Forces saga. That includes from Dark Forces one up through Jedi Academy, with a gaming engine that a person could take seriously nowadays (meaning something other than the Quake 3 engine). Add a host of weapons and other sorts of features, plus two or three games' worth of additional levels of what Kyle Katarn was doing in between the games. Top it off which the option to continue JKA's storyline after the dark side ending.
This would seriously rock.

So long as this is a dream thread. I'd love to see the BG series remade only updating the graphics to NWN2 level.

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