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Since the omega driver didn't work, you could as well re-install the 8.11 ATI driver / CCC suite. After uninstalling the omega drivers but before installing the ATI drivers, could you check out some registry settings, please? Like this: Press <WindowsMeta>+R, type regedit, then <enter>. Then press <Ctrl>+F and search for OpenGLDriverName. If you find anything, scroll a few lines down (in the right hand view) and post a screenshot here.
Then repeat the same after installing the ATI driver suite.
And finally do the following: press <WindowsMeta>+R and enter dxdiag. Then press the "save all information button" and PM it me.

Screw it, I've run out of ideas. You might wanna follow this thread:
If anyone finds a solution there, it'll most likely work for you, too.

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