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First post on this forum, and it's good to see there's a proper AVS forum after the one on the AME site died. Anyone knows what's up with the AME website? It's a pity they don't update it any more, as it seems a bit of a missed marketing opportunity to me!

Anyway, what I was replying to:

Originally Posted by Sven_Q45 View Post
There was no big problem for me. (cut) On one point Mona speeking english in the german version.
Well, I didn't play the German version, but in the English version Froderick at on point uses Mona's line, and then replies as Froderick again. Very strange! :P.

There's a few glitches in the game but it didn't spoil it for me. I've loved every minute of it . I hadn't even noticed the stadium entry was a glitch.

when I gave the ID card to woman of low moral fiber I was simply transported past the ticket guy, something which puzzled me a little at the time! I haven't gotten access through the back door. Need to play it again I guess. I did have a glitch with the garlic the first time, as when I tried using the boomerang it didn't work with it. Finding the key was the last puzzle for me as I hadn't gotten the horse (but I had everything else).

I thought it was a pity that the demo was one of the final puzzles, as it gave a bit too much away of what was going to happen for me. But hey, maybe I should've been patient and not even played the demo

All in all, a fantastic game and I'm looking forward to number 2!

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