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I know this is bringing up an old topic; however, there is a sense of irony in this update. There is time to talk, and there is a time for action. Obama is procrastinating with the health care subject. He talked big during the election, and now he can't seem to deliver.

Article -
Obama asks nation for health-care reform input

'We want your exact ideas'
With the transition team contemplating how to deliver on his campaign promise to expand health coverage and lower costs, "what we want to do now is to move to a discussion across the country," Daschle said in a speech yesterday in Denver. "We want your exact ideas."

In addition to the house parties, Obama's transition Web site,, is collecting thousands of comments on health-care reform.

By seeking broad public input early in the process, the incoming administration hopes to avoid some of the mistakes of President Clinton's failed initiative 15 years ago, said Daschle, who is also Obama's choice for secretary of health and human services.

"Details kill," he said, recounting that opponents picked apart Clinton's thousand-page bill. "Once we get started, we have to stay focused. Let's finish it, let's not put it down."
Obama is saying, "I don't know how to fix the healthcare issue. We made alot of big promises; however, we don't know how to deliver on them."
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