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Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Don't you find that to be a problem? He made a big promise that helped get him elected; however, his plan to reform healthcare seems to have hit a wall.
Yes, that "wall," as you put it is him not being in office yet! The way I see it, he's moving to take action before he's even the President. And for what? You're bashing him because of an ostensible 'lack of ideas?' How do you know this for sure, Yar? Do tell.

Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
He is acting, and he is failing. What else does he need to do?
I'll repeat myself: Barack Obama is not yet President. Abiding by the law, he cannot act! How is he failing, Yar?

Originally Posted by Yar-El View Post
Obama was the guy with a plan, right? Why does he need our input if he was voted into office based upon people believing in his plan? I thought he had all the answers for creating a Universal Healthcare system?
First off, this was only one of his promises that Obama proposed. Second, he promised to establish a Universal Healthcare System, and, so far as I know, never gave any specifics. What he's doing now is asking for opinions on how it should be implemented.
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