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Originally Posted by Clone L68362 View Post
Man...there's so many big good mods coming out for both games...and it seems like it'll be a while before they're will I ever get a chance to do the most awesome playthrough of KOTOR ever when I have to wait for these and then download them all and then make sure none of them conflict...oh jeez.
Terrible times, indeed.

Originally Posted by Christos K View Post
so this will be compatible with WotOR?
Yes, I'm making sure of that. It'll also be compatible with BOS (not sure about to sequel, naturally), Recruitable Kay (provided that you don't install my Juhani mod, of course), and some other smaller mods.

Originally Posted by DarthYuugi View Post
i love that belaya head

im going to convert it in to a selecteble pc head when this is released
good job
Just remember that you have redrob to thank for the head model (he made the changes to the PFHC01 model). I only reskinned her.

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